Gauge Hatch Cover



GENERAL DESCRIPTION The KSSD-A Series Sampling Device is designed for gauging the height of liquid levels, measuring the depth of water bottoms, taking temperature, and taking sample of liquids held in storage tank, without relieving pressure within the tank. It avoids the loss of valuable vapors, and exposing the gauger to excessive fumes. Quick opening valve unit is opened and closed simply by moving a lever through a 90℃ arc. A by-pass is provided to equalize in the tank and sampling chamber unit, if this should be necessary for easy opening. The window in the top cover of the gauging unit can be provided with an inside wiper, to insure clear vision of the gauge taper, and to permit the taking of accurate reading.

INSTALLATION 1. Mount the KSSD Series Sampling Device on 4” or 8” flange roof nozzle. 2. Attach the gauging bob or sampling bottle to the swivel snap inside the sampling chamber unit. 3. Check the distance from the bottom of the bob to a point above the snap on the tape to make certain a correct reading is obtained.