Emergency Vent Cover



According to API 2000 Code : The series KSES is designed to provide emergency pressure relief for storage tanks when exposed to overpressures that are not handled by standard tank vents. These vents provide the capacity to meet API standard 2000 for emergency venting due to fire exposure when properly sized.

Vent Operation : The KSES emergency pressure relief vent provides pressure relief only. Vacuum relief must be supplied by normal venting devices, or use our KSESV emergency pressure and vacuum relief vent covers. When excessive pressure builds within the storage tank the KSES series emergency pressure relief vent begin to open at a predetermined set pressure relieving excessive pressure. When the overpressure has dissipated the cover reseat onto the base. Construction : The series KSES is available in several materials that are corrosion resistant to most petroleum product applications. See Standard material of construction table for available material. Predetermined setting range is from a minimum of 700mmW.C to a maximum of 7,000mmW.C Sizes are 400, 450, 500 and 600mm with flange drilling according to ANSI 150lb or API650.