Flame Arrester



The model KSFD inline detonation flame arrester is designed, manufactured and tested according to API 2000, British Standard Specification Code BS7244, and EN 12874 / ISO 16852. The KSFD detonation flame arresters provide protection against flame propagation in piping systems that are manifolded or have long runs. The arresters are designed to stop an ignited flammable vapor mixture traveling at subsonic or supersonic vapor velocities. They are also designed to protect against continuous burning against the 316LSS flame cell for a specific period.

The standard flame cell is suitable for NEC group D or IEC IIA gases. Cells for other gas groups are available as additional extras. The standard design shall be used up to an operating temperature of + 90 deg C / 140 deg F and Maximum allowable operating pressure up to 1.2 bar abs from size ½” / 15A to 6” / DN 150 and up to 1.1 bar abs from size 8” / DN200 to 16” / DN 400. Upon request, it can be obtained for higher pressure and higher temperatrue with special approval. The flame arresters are available with either carbon steel (epoxy coated), 304SS, or 316SS housing with 316LSS flame cells. Sizes range from 15mm to 300mm as Standard and upon request, it can be obtained for higher size. Standard flanges are ANSI 150lb and other connections are available upon request. MAINTENANCE Periodic inspection and maintenance is required. The cell assembly can be removed for cleaning purposes. Cleaning can be accomplished by dipping the entire cell assembly into an appropriate solvent. Care should be taken not to damage the cell openings as such deformations hamper the flow through the cell. The gaskets should be inspected and replaced if necessary.